Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Yea! We had some sales last night. I'm so excited and relieved. Now to keep this flow going. Not really too sure how to do that. (smiling) We sold a body cream sample, and a pair of earrings. (I'll post a pic)
Zibbet is offering a competition to see if we can post over 150,000 new items. Then they will pick some items to showcase.  Two lucky winners will get premium accounts for life. I think that is a great prize. We are posting some new jewelry. Maybe our luck is changing, we have definitely learned about the hard knocks of life lately, and could use some positive change. I need to get busy posting new items. Oh, and I probably have a million chores to take care of in my other life, you know the one: Mother, Grammy, Wife, Homeowner, Gardener, Chicken keeper.... I could go on and on. Don't think I'm complaining... I really love it! *big cheesy grin*...........I think I'll make some soap today

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