Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reaching out!

We have been making and using our own bath and body products for many years. Our friends and family have encouraged us to sell our products for a long time. With a job loss, and a new grandson added to our family, everything seemed to be saying now was the time.

We took some time developing our products, selling to friends and co-workers, and working on packaging. It was a trial period to see if our products were as good as we thought they were. It was exciting to have everyone encourage us to start our business.  We started selling our bath and body products about a year ago, and have recently added jewelry to our shop.  A little bling always makes a girl feel good! My daughter is the jeweler, and adding her jewelry has been a positive move for our business.

We try to make things as  naturally as possible, so we have some completely additive free body butter, salt and sugar scrubs, soaps, lotion bars, baby products, and belly butters. Our lotions, creams, and body wash have  the least amount of additives we can get away with legally.

We have been trying to market our products online, it has been very slow. We have sold a few items on, and a little on We were encouraged to start a blog, and promote ourselves. I am not very comfortable with the promotion side of business, but I am trying. All I ask is you check us out and maybe tell your friends to take a look.

We hope you like our products; we would love any feedback you can provide us.
Ashley & Shona

We believe you can make your own products from natural, wholesome ingredients.

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  1. Best of luck to you! You never know unless you try right? Your products look amazing!