Sunday, June 12, 2011

Are you enjoying Spring?

It is so great to get outside again! I am a real couch and comfy-blankie-hugger all winter. I am loving the sweet smell of spring. Are you? Our garden is going great! The baby chicks are getting all grown up! The goat is fat and sassy! Life is good!

I have been spending a lot more time on facebook, promoting the new Zibbet Daily Deals page. It is wonderful; a page devoted to everyone's special deal of the day. This is a fabulous way to get the best possible price on someone's merchandise. I was even able to buy something I have wanted for a great price. I bought a chainmaille pendant from Marge Hummel. She makes lovely jewelry, check out her shop and see for yourself:
One of Marge's creations!

We have been running our own daily deal, it has been fun to pick something, mark it down, and see what will happen. I have met some very nice people on the Zibbet forums. If you sell handmade, vintage, art, or fine art is a wonderful venue. You do not have any listing fees and no commission fees. It is your work, and you keep any earnings. I love it, and I never have that shocking end of month bill to pay.
Our daily special today! Dead Sea Salt Scrub just $8.00 today only!

Hope you are getting out and enjoying these blissful spring days!

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