Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow!

It has snowed all day today. The calendar doesn't acknowledge winter until well into December, but all this white stuff falling from the sky tells me a different story. Time to find the snow pants, boots, mittens and scarves. My grandson can't stop looking out the window. You can see the wonder in his eyes; it is so very sweet.

Last post was about a caramel recipe I was going to attempt. Well we still have some work to do on that little project. I cannot seem to master the caramel, but I won't give up yet, Lol. My first batch was gritty? My second batch was better, but is seemed a little greasy? I will keep on trying, eventually I should get something edible.*smile*

The toughest thing that happened since my last post; my daughter moved to New York. Yep, one side of the country for the other. She said she needed a change, she sure went a long way for a change. I'm trying not to be too sad about it, she is an adult, but NY is so far away. She left on Saturday and arrived today. Her dad drove out with her, and will be there for five days to help her get set up. Just another one of life's little challenges parent's get to work through. *sigh*


  1. SNOW?!? Can you believe we are still having temps in the 70's here in Charlotte, NC? Enjoy the snow for us!!

  2. Yes, snow and plenty of it! I woke up to 5 inches this morning. We are coming out of a cold snap of minus 5, and down to minus 14 in the outlaying areas. It is 19 degrees today and it feels like a heatwave, Lol. It's funny how subjective life is. A few weeks ago I thought I was freezing when it was 30 degrees out.
    Happy Turkey Day everyone!