Friday, May 27, 2011

Great Info on Design*Sponge

I stumbled across a geat blog site this morning, it is called Design*Sponge. I was reading an article on pricing your work. I will admit I personally struggle with this topic. This blog has many articles with helpful hints on running a small business. Check it out sometime or here is a link to the pricing info,

We are having much rain and flooding in Montana this year. Up here in our northwestern corner we are doing alright, but our sister cities to the east are not as fortunate. I hope this usually much needed moisture slows down just a little; giving our ground water time to be absorbed. On a brighter note, we are having a gloriously green spring! My garden is sprouting green shoots in all the right places, the spinach and bok choy will be ready to harvest in a week or so. I will need to get creative with some stir frys and soups.

We have two chickens setting on eggs this spring, and we are expecting new chicks any day now. We had already added two barred plymouth rocks and two silver laced wyandotte chicks to our hen house in April. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as we purchased the new chicks, two of our hens went broody. Good thing we like eggs!

Well I must get moving, we have an order for Fresh Lemon Salt Scrub to be made and shipped out today. I love making the citrus scented products, so refreshing!

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